University of Punjab Regional Campus Jobs

The University of Punjab Gujranwala Campus has posted job openings for visiting faculty in a variety of subjects.
The University of Punjab is a well-known public research university in Lahore, Pakistan. The University of Punjab is one of Pakistan’s oldest and most innovative public education institutions. Following a convention in Shimla in 1882 when the development of a subcontinental higher education institution was considered and agreed upon, the British administration decided to create this university. It was the fourth higher education school created by the British on the Indo-Pakistani subcontinent, with the other three being elsewhere in British India. They have several sites throughout Punjab Province, including Jhelum, Gujranwala, and Khanspur. There are over 45,678 students, including early and late shifts, and thirteen faculties with 83 departments, institutes, and research centres. He is at the top of the 2012 HEC ranking and has two Nobel Prizes among his former employees and former students.


Potential employees seeking PU employment will enjoy a variety of perks since employers feel that if their employees are happy, they will achieve higher performance and success in their profession. They care for their employees in every aspect, sometimes supporting their health and financial well-being and other times paying them far more than the market rate. A complete summary of the benefits they bring will be compiled:
Paid leave and sick leave
Family health and medical services
Professional development opportunities
A productive and creative environment
Advanced option in related areas
Ethical culture
Opportunities to learn

How to apply for jobs at the University of Punjab Gujranwala Campus ?

Those interested in applying for opportunities at the University of Punjab should study the information and strategies provided below in order to accurately fill out and submit the form. Click on the ‘Apply Here’ link to be sent to their main job vacancy website at, where applicants will create an online account to browse for numerous career vacancies at this university. Your name, email address, address, phone number, and zip code are the most important details to provide on your profile. Following the creation of your profile, an application form will appear with numerous categories and rubrics relating to your qualifications, past job experience, achievements, and interests. Enter the information accurately and fill out the form until all of the facts have been entered. The applicant will get an email confirming receipt of their application. Wait for the authority’s reaction to the interview and  prepare in the meantime.

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